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DICOM Receive Server Print Application

Project ID: 1330460389 Urgent!

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Budget: N/A
Created: 2/28/2012 at 15:19 (MST)
Bidding Ends: 3/5/2012 at 15:19 (MST)(expired)
Project Creator: ttwaldo
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Create graphical interface DICOM C-STORE Service Class Provider application that will accept patient study according to DICOM standard. Application will also need the capability to query and retrieve. Application will automatically initiate the coping of patient data to optical media using our existing software application. Application will automatically populate text fields using received DICOM tags received from said DICOM study for the creation of optical media label. Application will have mechanism of software licensing that prevents the unauthorized use and or installation of said application.

1. Requirements
a. Application will be compliant to DICOM 3.0 standard and IHE Profile.
b. Application will be developed for compatibility with Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 operating systems.
c. Application will be a self-installing application using an industry standard software installer.
d. The application will be configurable to allow the specification of its AE title and port number through application’s graphical interface.
e. Application will have the capability to perform DICOM query, retrieve, and receive according to DICOM standards. Options such as study transmission verification response will be configurable via graphical interface.
f. The application will be configurable through graphical interface for AE titles, port numbers, and IP addresses of remote DICOM entities for query retrieve.
g. Application will support the specification of DICOM tags to be utilized for optical media label printing through graphical interface. (See Fig.1)
h. Application will provide graphical means of specifying placement of said DICOM tags for optical media label. (See Fig. 2) Application will also support the placement of user specified image or logo according to the limits of our application’s printing capabilities.
i. Application will have the ability to query remote DICOM compliant entities for any of the DICOM tags that have been previously been specified. Once queried application will provide response back with complete patient information using tags specified previously. User will have the option of initiating patient study transmission or perform query for another study.
j. User will have the capability of selecting multiple patient studies for the creation of job.
k. Once study transmission has been initiated it will be placed in a job queue.
l. Job queue will have a graphical interface that will allow the changing of job queue priority for each job.
m. Application will process job with the highest priority first.
n. Once application job is processed it will retrieve remote patient study or studies as specified by user and store them onto locally specified hard drive.
o. Application will have capability to specify number of days patient studies will be stored on local hard drive. Application will automatically purge patient studies once number of days is reached as specified by user.
p. If remote DICOM entity sends patient study to said application it will automatically store patient data on local hard drive and add study to job queue. User will have the ability to specify job priority for studies that are received from DICOM entries via AE title in the said application’s configuration menu.
q. Execution of job: Job will be marked as in progress in job queue. Application will atomically copy patient study to optical media maintaining DICOM format standard for easy DICOM import compatibility. Application will also copy user supplied DICOM viewer with location specified in application configuration. Application will then initiate the printing of label for optical media. Once label printing is completed the job will be removed from job queue.
r. Digitally editable DICOM Conformance statement will be provided by developer upon completion of development of said application.
s. Detailed digitally editable manual will be provided by developer that will include screen shots of all configuration screens of said application

2. Application Development Progress
a. Developer will provide detailed updates periodically upon mutual agreed project timeline. If developer incurs any delays for whatever reason, developer will immediately notify us via email.
b. Developer needs to be able to demonstrate application progress via WebEx or similar medium as to the progress and current state of said application as agreed upon on project timeline.
c. Upon completion of said application. Developer will need to provide application for our testing and verification. We will complete testing and verification of application as per mutually agreed timeline. A minimum of 3 licenses will be provided to us for the testing and verification of said application.
d. Developer will need to provide final draft copies of both DICOM conformance statement and application manual at completion of application development.
e. If there is an issue in said application, DICOM statement or manual, developer will resolve in a timely manner. Delays in resolving issue or issues can delay payment of project.

3. Post Application Support
a. Developer will provide free of charge technical support for a period of no less than one year if needed for said application. Support will be provided via phone and or email.
b. Developer will provide cost of support after period of one year and include with the quote.

Completion of Application Development Project

1. Once we have accepted completion of project and have verified application and associated application documents, payment will be sent according to our company’s account payable policies and terms.
2. Developer will be put into contact with our accounting group at the initiation of this project. Developer will be responsible in providing any required documentation that our accounts payable group requires of your company to provide payment in a timely manner upon project completion.
3. Once developer has confirmed payment has been received. Developer will provide without delay said application with auto installation routine, source code for application, license mechanism for application, DICOM conformance statement, and user manual.

Information needed with Quote for RFP
Please describe your company, years in business, past projects, key staff, support hours, warranties and any other information you deem pertinent, in as much detail as possible
Project Type:
  • Applications
  • GUI
OS-Platform: Windows
Programming Language: None
Database Type: None
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Messages Posted: 1 - You may use the message board to discuss or clarify any further details/requirements regarding this project. Price negotiations and/or direct contact with each others are not allowed including via email, AIM, chat, etc., and until a bidder has been chosen.

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