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Project: Wordpress Web Developer Needed
ID: 1317567831
(Cancelled Project)

Status: Closed (No bidding)
Budget: N/A
Created: 10/2/2011 at 11:03 (MST)
Bidding Ends: 10/9/2011 at 11:03 (MST)(expired)
Project Creator: wtf
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We are currently looking for a web developer to help us in creating a professional business website with Wordpress as the CMS platform. We have installed Wordpress 3.2.1 and MySQL database into our web site, and all you need to do is to add and transform the blog into a functional dynamic website. The following may seem a lot, but it is relatively easy and simple if you know what you are doing, and if you have done similar things for your past clients. The core work is quite universal, only the superficial things that are different. Here are our requirements:

• The website will contain 5 pages early on, namely: Home/landing page, product, latest news/blog, submit story, about us/contact us, but must be expandable in the future. There is no need for secondary navigation bar. The whole site must be simple so that site map is not needed. Will provide examples of websites we want you to mimic. Specific details as of to how many columns needed per page and other things will be supplied when you are hired.

• The site needs to have fixed layouts. And it is preferable to have each page within a fold.

• Need to design the banner which we will provide the raw material for.

• Need a consistent navigational bar and uniform style throughout.

• Need to create our own unique template/theme that is classy and sophisticated and widgets friendly. Must not contain any animation.

• On the submit story page, we need a simple form to gather customer’s details as well as their text-only story.

• Various Plug-ins are necessary i.e. Name and email capture with auto responder, shopping cart, Google analytics, video display, RSS feed, Social media links, Wordpress stats, and anti spam. And any other you can suggest.

• Need to create a database of customers’ details as well as their story submission (in text only) we can back up into Excel file.

• Once this site is done, the coding will be analysed by another company so please make sure that the additional PHP or any other coding is junk-free and SEO friendly just like the Wordpress standard.

• Very importantly, we need a simple step by step and complete manual for us to update and change every part of the website in the future.

• Do let us know if you will be using 3rd party software.

• Do let us know if you are unsure about anything. We want to get it right the first time as much as you do.

We based our company on mutual respect and honesty and we expect this to be reciprocal. We are not difficult as long our rights are not violated. We will release the escrow and provide feedback on time. And if we are satisfied with your work, we will refer you and keep using your service as there are still plenty of works available after this website.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you.
Project Type:
  • Web Design/Redesign
  • Web Templates
OS-Platform: Windows
Programming Language: Other
Database Type: mySQL
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