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Finish or reprogram Database website

Project ID: 1203737834

Project Name - Quote Request Project Type Bids
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Status: Frozen (No bidding. Waiting for action from project owner.)
Budget: N/A
Created: 2/22/2008 at 22:37 (MST)
Bidding Ends: 3/7/2008 at 22:37 (MST)(expired)
Project Creator: strykerllc
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Website To Do List:

1) Hit Counter
2) Add extra Work multiselect dropdown box to add schedule form
3) Color coding new Schedule boxes by current status(noted in other line items further down this document)
4) Include dropdown box to each new schedule line in admin view to perform the following functions on the schedule:
a) complete schedule
b) edit schedule
c) delete schedule
d) view schedule details
e) schedule worker
f) choose date for painting(If a date outside of the customers range is selected, then an auto email should be sent with the header With propert name and unit # and text "scheduled for painting" date scheduled,"falls outside requested dates. Then the body will include all the schedule information
f) add invoice # ( this will only be needed if syncronization with quickbooks is not completed.
5) Add Date available to paint in add schedule
6) Add calendar view of view schedule in admin area (This will be a page that will display a full month selectable calendar showing the total number of schedules for each day of the month in view and when any day is selected the shedules will be filtered for that day.
7) add selectable final cost box that will show price breakdown breakdown for all extra work performed if applicable
8) unit id changed to say unit #
9) Make Rented button default to no
10) If Rented = no Then make date rented invisible, If Rented=yes then date rented visible
11) Make unit size dropdown auto expandable for large descriptions and enable text & numbers to be entered
12) If property requires no Purchase order then make Purchase Order # box invisible
13) Check that date rented from is always less than or equal to date rented to box
14) add schedule notes box not a required option ( this field will be visible to workers when viewing their schedules.
15) Make extra work dropdown a 3 column list that will include 1) type of extra work 2) description 3) price , This will be available for customer to input but will not be a manditory option for the customer.This will be modified by admin when work is completed.Make the extra work a muti-add option.
16) make sure that zero data cannot be entered into extra work box (currently this field can take empty data.
17) Do validation on all data entered. If an error occurs a message should be shown instead of a page error.
18) Add inspected status and assign worker for inspection- default inspector will be worker painting unit
19) add upload file option in user area. This will primarily be for uploading any purchase orders or documentation.
20) view user to be fixed. This button currently displays a page error
21) view worker to be fixed. This button currently displays a page error
22) add automatic invoice email upon status complete make it possible to forward invoice to multiple emails. I will supply an invoice that will be copied and automatically filled in with the relative schedule information and price breakdown for each schedule.
23) syncronize quickbooks with website invoicing.Currently quickbooks is used and I would like all invoices to be sycronized with my quickbooks.
24) need to be able to add xtras even if a customer has not requested extras. This will be done with the selection of the "edit schedule" item that will be in the dropdown box that is automatically added when a new schedule is created.
25) Add a login history page that will include the user,date,time of login and logout. This page should also have other buttons to run the following searches of records:
a) Find a schedule by invoice #
b) find a schedule by unit # ( if unit has been painted multiple time, show all intances on this unit #)
c) view all schedules painted on any given day
d) view all schedules painted by any given worker on any or all given days
e) view all schedules by property on any or all given days
f) view total costs for any given property or all given properties for any given day or month
g) view bills by worker for any given day, week or month
h) view profit for any given day,week or month. This is the final cost subtracted from the workers bill
I) NOTE:other options may be added later
26) automatic log out if inactivity for a given period of time
27) add occupied paint selection option in add new schedule,this option will precede the rented option and if selected then the rented date option will dissapear and priority will automatically be set to low and unselectable.

29) The inspect status will be owned by any worker( default will be worker that accepted the job) Complete status will be owned by admin or worker.Customers will not see accepted status as this is the status that is used when a worker accepts the schedule.
* when a worker completes the inspect stage, this will activate the complete status. Then the worker or admin will be able to select the complete option and an email will be sent notifying the customer of the completion of the schedule, with all relevant schedule information and an attached invoice with the fixed costs and any extra costs incurred.
* A worker will only be able to complete the inspect stage if they are assigned to own the inspect status. If a different worker owns the inspect stage this will be the only person other than admin to be able to complete a schedule.
30) Validate email address when user requests quote. This will eliminate error in automatically generated email when user clicks the submit button.
31) For each extra item requested in new schedule, there should be a way to add a discription, so that syncronoze with quickbooks will have that info.This will be handled by line #15
32) When a user creates a new schedule, if the user selects "occupied Paint", the priority will automatically be set to low and they will not be able to change it.
33) The subject line of the email sent to admin when a new schedule is created by a user will read: Property Name, Unit Number(Unit ID), and Priority.The body will include all schedule information.
34) when a user creates a new schedule, an invoice number should automatically be created and shown in the view schedule admin area, Make this editable, and check for duplicates if an edit of the invoice number is created
35) initially I will have to set the starting number for the online invoice to match quickbooks till syncronizing is accomplished

36) Need to be able to set prices paid for workers to do paint and if worker accepts job that has extra work, they need ability to enter their price they charge me for extra work. (In other words, I will charge a higher price for extra work and will get worker to do job for lower price.If the type of worker is hourly they will have no options to add prices or submit bill. They will only be able to enter the # of hours in each unit and a notes box that they will enter any additional work they did in that unit.
* Would like the ability for the system to check if I set my price for extra work, If so, I need a way to be notified if a worker(sub only) enters a higher rate for any extra item.
* If no price was entered for extra work, I will use the worker's price and add a profit margin and that is what the customer will get billed.
* When I complete a schedule, If no price is set for extra work, I want to see the workers charge, if any, and enter the extra prices prior to completing the schedule.
NOTE: A page should be created that will show properties and unit sizes for each property, When the property and unit are selected a list of workers will be displayed and when a worker is selected a price will be able to be set for that worker(sub contractors only) for that unit at that property.
when a worker is added to the database i need an option to select 1) sub-contractor or 2) hourly. If hourly is selected an hourly wage box will show and be enabled.If sub-contractor is selected a list of all properties and units should be sown and prices will be entered for each propery and unit.
NOTE: any suggestions on an easier way to do the above will be welcome
36A) A note on the above: The worker price is less than the unit price, each worker may get a different price for each property or unit on property
* When entering a worker I would like to be able to set the price I will pay them for each unit.This will be handled by the statement in the prvious line.

36B) Another option for the above is: Setting basic price for each worker is still needed, but, In the workers schedule you can have a button next to each schedule that they can click to enter additional costs. If they do add additional costs, I would like a notes box to appear for that item for them to enter explanation of costs.
* I use sub-contractors and hourly workers. The sub-contractors get a set price for the job and the hourly workers get paid by the hour. So when entering a price for the worker have a dropdown box that the selection will be hourly (then I input that amount) or Flat rate ( then I input that amount.
* If the worker is hourly, The button next to each schedule of the worker will say "enter hours" not "additional costs". So their will be 2 classes of workers hourly and sub-contractors
NOTE: there are 2 types of workers:
1) sub-contractors. These workers will be able to bill and add extra items
2) hourly.these workers will only be able to add hours worked for each unit
NOTE: These distinctions still need to be added in the database
37) If a schedule goes past the scheduled paint date and the staus is other than inspect or complete, I want the color of the schedule to go to yellow. This will make me look into this schedule.NOTE: when a new shedule is created the color defaults to red as the status defaults to pending
When the date for the painting is determined and set in the schedule, the status will go to approved, the color goes to green and an auto email is sent to the property only with the schedule details and the email subject will have the property, unit # and scheduled date for painting
Note:These are the colors needed for the schedules for each status:
1) pending=red
2) approved=green
3) accepted=green(stays same as approved)
4) inspected=blue
5) completed=orange
Note: The color for each status changes only when that stus is surpasses or completed
NOTE; When a schedule is completed, i need each schedule updated with the final cost, this will be a selectable box showing all extra charges when selected and a button sying "report discrepency.
If the report discrepency button is selected, then the status will revert to pending, a notes box will appear for the customer to explain the problem and an email will be sent to me with the header including the propert and unit#, text saying "Discrepency Reported". The body will include the notes entered by the customer and the worker painting the unit.
*I want the report discrepency box to dissapear in 14 days after the completion of the schedule.
38) I want the completed schedule to show Property name,Unit #, final cost (with click on for details), Worker,Worker cost and profit. The profit will be the final cost minus the worker cost.If the worker=hourly, the total hours x hourly wage will be totaled and this will be subtracted from the final cost to give the profit for the schedule.
As a note:
There should be 2 basic stages of schedules:
1) not completed, which will included all status except completed
2) completed, which is the final completed schedule which will send invoice to customer, send confirmation email with schedule details and note saying "all work is completed." "Please approve any purchase order if applicable." " Thank You for your business". I need an email sent to me only if the schedule is completed by anyone other than me. I need an email when a new schedule is created by a property's user the header will have proprty name,unit #, and text saying new schedule created..
- The color of the schedule will now change.
39) Add subcontractor "submit bill" button and format bill accordingly for automatic emailing and modify subcontractor schedule form to accept additional charges prior to submitting bill.
40) Add hourly worker input in user area which will only accept # of hours worked on each job and the system will tally the total hours for each worker.
41) Allow input of sub-contractor pricing of each unit of each property and each subcontractor may have different prices.
42) Add activity log (noted in line #46 also)
43) Add multiselect "items" list box that will have predetermined prices and descriptions. This will be done on the admin end prior to completing schedule. TThis is due to many propertys having consistent aditional items to be done that are unrelated to the extra work that a customer may request. This field and related fields can be independant.
44) Add ability to delete any schedule, by adding delete button in admin area next to each schedule. This will generate automatic eMAIL TO CUSTOMER STATING THE schedule has been removed and the work was cancelled, and to submit another schedule if the work still needs to be completed.
45) I need the database to total all bills from hourly or sub contractors and make this visible. Likewise the profit needs to be tallied dally and stored and visible.
46)Activity LOg to include the following:
1) user login and out date and time
2) a list of all automatic emails sent
47) (Note: This line is also noted in line #25) Search box to drill down data like, finding invoices by property name or invoice # or subcontractor bill by name or bill #. This should display all relevant information on the search. If a unit has been painted more than once it will bring up all instances of this unit schedule.
48) (Note: This line is also noted in line #4F)I may need to schedule a paint date that will fall outside the user selected range. If this happens I would like an automatic email sent to the user noting the schedule deviation.
49) I would like a field buried into the main page that I can enter any text that I want displayed. For instance "NOW HIRING" or "CURRENT SPECIALS....." This is essentially a scrolling ticker. The background will be the same as the main page and the font will be slightly larger than the font used on the main page and also be bold.
50) Add "Forgot password", forgot username. under login box. Clicking either of these will popup a text box for entering email, if email is in system and user is not restricted, then the email will be sent with the login information for that email.
51) fix "add user". There should be a selection box for the type of user ie.. Admin,property, hourly worker or sub contractor.
52) I need a submit bill button to be visible to the worker(sub-contractor only), when a schedule they were assigned to gets completed. If a discrepency was reported with their schedule I need the submit bill to be disabled.So in short, If their schedule is anything other than completed, they will not be able to submit bill.If they have already submitted bill when the discrepency is reported, I want all other schedules to hide the submit bill for that given worker until the schedule reported as a dicrepency is returned to completed.
NOTE: When a discrepency is reported on a schedule I want the complete status to be handled by admin only.

A template for sub-contractors bills will be provided to the programmer. I want an email sent to the worker(The option to enter worker email stills needs to be added to the system) after they submit a bill with the header saying property, unit# and text "Bill submitted". The body will give only the following:
2) uNIT #
3) Date completed
4) Fixed price fro the worker( This is the workers price not the price billed by my company)
5) extra items and prices submitted for each
6) Message to sub-contractor saying that "No bills will be payed until an invoice is received for this unit. Please email this invoiuce promptly to ensure timely payment," !!!!!ANY SUGGESTIONS WILL BE WELCOME FOR ANY OF THE ABOVE ITEMS. PLease contact me and I will submit a word document if requested explaining all the site requirements. It is too large to include as an attachment here.
Project Type:
  • Databases
  • Animation/Ads
  • Flash
  • Graphics/Logos
  • Web Design/Redesign
OS-Platform: Windows
Programming Language: PHP
Database Type: MSSQL
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