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Project: Need Custom CGI script for " Repair Status"
ID: 1151336478
Chosen Programmer/Freelancer: mamoon

Status: Closed (No bidding)
Budget: USD 10-30
Created: 6/26/2006 at 11:41 (MST)
Bidding Ends: 7/3/2006 at 11:41 (MST)(expired)
Project Creator: dredanzig
Rating: (No Feedback Yet) --- login to your account to pick a bid, when you are ready.
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Hi, I own an electronics Repair shop and I was wondering if
you can design a script for me and how much would it be? basicly what I
need is some kind of script that allows my costumers to check the
status of their order. In this case their order would be the item they
bring to me for repair. I want them to be able to click on their order
number and have like a box pop up with details on the progress of the
job. This needs to be a simple script and that when you click to see
details of order, loads fast. Am sorry if this is too confusing but the
main idea is to have them check the status of the job without having to
contact me. whatever you can think that is simple and works, would be
awesome. Thanks in advance for all your help!


Project Type: Custom Scripting
OS-Platform: None
Programming Language: None
Database Type: None
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Programmers/Freelancers Bid Delivery Within Time of Bid
creativeneuroits USD 50 1 day(s) from closing 6/27/2006 at 6:26 (MST)
(No Feedback Yet)
We have undergone the entire details of the project mentioned vividly. Our web solutions team have a vast experience in similar projects. See the PM to see HOW WE'LL GET IT DONE. Lali
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mamoon USD 50 1 day(s) from closing 6/26/2006 at 13:05 (MST)
(40 reviews)
ok - you will have admin panel where you can add/edit/delete order no. and its description(status) customers can come to your site.. put a order no. in the search box and order status will display. seems fine ?
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software USD 64 1 day(s) from closing 6/27/2006 at 5:02 (MST)
(No Feedback Yet)
Hi We have reviewed your project description. We're confident that we can deliver professional looking design with proposed functionality to match your concept. Thanks and regards kishore
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