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Programming Bids - Affiliate/Partner Program

Do you have an established web site related to web hosting directory, webmaster portal, programming, computing, small business, webmaster resources, etc.,?

Are you a web host? If so, a lot of your clients are already looking for our services.
Refer them to us and focus on running your hosting business, it is a win-win situation.

Join our partner program and we will pay you $9.95/programmer referral and 30% commission (of the 10% fee we charge) to buyers and programmers, on successful projects and every single time (you just refer them once).

If the referrals are generated from your web site/link, the referrals then are tracked with a cookie which will be stored for one year until the referred party signs-up for an account with us - so even if they click once and sign-up after say 8 months for example, you still get the credit. Once they signup the the commissions are then automatically credited to your account on all settled projects and you may login anytime, to see the commissions accrued.

How this works

1) If you refer a programmer, you will earn a sign-up referral (first-time) of $9.95 and commissions thereafter 30% of the winning bid (whichever is greater) every single time the programmer you referred is chosen to work on a project. For example, if the programmer you referred signs-up and bids $1000 and gets chosen to work on that project, we charge them 7% (which is $70) and you get paid 30% of that: $21! Not just once - but if the programmer is chosen for another project later, you get you share again, and so on and every single time.

Similarly, if the buyer posts a project for $1000 then we charge them $30 and you get paid $15 - not just once but every single project they successfully close by seleting a programmer and by paying the programmer.

You can simply place our text link, banner ad, or insert a 3-line java script code on your pages to automatically list our projects on your pages.

We are looking for established sites with a userbase interested in buying our programming services. Contact us and let us know about your site. We will take a look and let you know if we are interested and will email you instructions on how to sign-up.

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