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Project: Windows NT security settings Guaranteed Project!
ID: 1084036239
(Cancelled Project)

Status: Closed (No bidding)
Budget: N/A
Created: 5/8/2004 at 11:10 (MST)
Bidding Ends: 5/18/2004 at 11:10 (MST)(expired)
Project Creator: talbotm
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I require a set of functions that will set the user security for a number of objects including directories, registry keys and DCOM security for access and launch permissions on a list of COM objects located on either a local or remote server.

Ideally I would like a set of functions callable from Visual Basic that take a users Name and Domain and create the necessary SID and ACL information. I am open to suggestions on the best method to specify the objects whose security settings are to be altered.

The functions will be called from a management application written in visual basic and will also be used as part of an install process.
Project Type:
  • Security
  • Systems Admin
OS-Platform: Windows
Programming Language: Visual Basic
Database Type: None
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Programmers/Freelancers Bid Delivery Within Time of Bid
tsunez USD 200 4 day(s) from closing 5/27/2004 at 11:24 (MST)
(No Feedback Yet)
I can provide easily provide you with a VB class to meet your needs, as well as a sample program to demon straight how it works.
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